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Ironman 2 and Oracle

So last night I got away from the keyboard and checked out Ironman 2 with a few friends, including one guy who works at Oracle.  It was a fun sequel, but there were a few Oracle related things I especially liked.

First, about 5 mins in, Larry Ellison makes a cameo trying to get a lunch meeting with Tony Stark.  Nice acting Larry!

Later on in the movie, Tony Stark is researching information and his computer system (J.A.R.V.I.S) intones something about accessing the Oracle Grid.  Then later on in the movie Ivan Vanko hacks into the Oracle Grid to gain control of the Ironman-style drones.  I would only expect the Oracle Grid to be running Oracle Unbreakable Linux, and it appeared Ivan Vanko hacked into the grid in a minute or two… hopefully I’m missing something because I’m not sure this is the message Oracle really wants to pass on to prospective customers…

Finally, at the Stark Expo, you can see one of the stylistic Oracle buildings.

There was also a smattering of various Sun and Dell hardware.

I’m sad but not surprised that Enterprise Manager 11g didn’t make it into the movie, but with the teaser about Thor’s hammer at the end of the credits, maybe Larry is saving that for Ironman 3?