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My goal with this blog is to talk about and document various things I find interesting in my professional life.

I’ve been an Oracle Apps DBA (aka Oracle E-Business Suite) since 1997.  I’ve been an a RedHat Linux administrator for about 5 years.  I’ve been focusing in the past year or two on running Oracle on Linux under VMWare (ESX, vSphere, Workstation).  I think to be a great Apps DBA, one needs to understand each of these technologies so they can leverage their strengths to end up with a fast stable and effective system.

As of June 2010, I hold the following certifications

Oracle: I’m an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) in Oracle Database 7,8,8i,9i,10g, and 11g.  I hold a special accreditation in Managing Oracle9i on Linux and Oracle’s certifications specific to Oracle Applications DBAs:  Oracle 11i Install, Patch and Maintain Applications  and Oracle 12i Install, Patch and Maintain Applications

VMware: VMware recognized vExpert for 2010.

Sun Solaris: Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA) on Solaris 2.5  (SCSA)

Redhat Linux: RedHat Certified Technician on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 and 5. RedHat Certified Engineer on RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.

I’m currently working on earning MySQL and Oracle VM certifications.  Once I have a chance to fulfill the classroom obligation, I plan to earn VMware VCP and VCAP4 Datacenter Administration certifications.

Outside of work I try to be the best husband and kitty dad I can be and spend my time training for long distance triathlon (9 Ironman finishes) and other endurance sports.

I’m currently awaiting certification of my Guinness World Record for fastest marathon ever performed dressed as a leprechaun.

Why yes, I do have an odd sense of fun

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    Jeff Kayser
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