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Oracle VirtualBox 3.2 is now out

So for those who have a use for type 2 hypervisors (aka, running virtual machines under windows or linux on your desktop), Oracle has just released Oracle Virtualbox 3.2 – this is the first version with the Oracle moniker – previously it was Sun VirtualBox. You can read about all the new features at http://blogs.oracle.com/mapledesk/VirtualBox%203.2%20Community%20Bulletin.pdf

If you check out the document that it looks like Oracle is going to try leveraging some of this technology in the VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) space.  Should be interesting.

On my todo list for this week is to build up a windows 7 32-bit and a window 7 64-bit VM for the rest of IT to start beta testing for usage for an eventual company wide deployment.  We typically use VMware Workstation / Player here but if I’ve got the time and inclination I’ll grab a copy of VirtualBox and see how the VMs respond under each hypervisor.