I press Help for help… and get a 404?

A quick heads up to other Oracle Applications DBAs out there who apply the quarterly security (CPU) patches from Oracle to their Apps 11i instances – the patches break the online help for the end users.  Luckily, Oracle has released a patch for this (yay!) but they haven’t updated the CPU documents (which have a section just for that – Section 5, Document Modification History) nor have they re-released the patches or notified people who downloaded the patches – things easy to do and things that would make customers better value Oracle Support.

Failures like this by Oracle to get their documentation in sync drive DBAs and clients crazy and makes customers question why they pay 20% a year for Oracle Support.

For those looking to fix the issue, check out My Oracle Support document ID 1080465.1  .  It’ll tell you you need patch 9506302.

This was an issue caused by the OCT 09 CPU patches and was also in the JAN 10 CPU patches.  You can check for yourself that Oracle didn’t update the documents – Note IDs are 880170.1 and 985520.1 respectively.

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