What is cloud?

Even in mainstream news these days you here about cloud computing and how it will change the world.  Yet really, what is cloud?

The whole topic reminds me of a discussion I led in college.  I asked the group how many people at the start of discussion how many of them were feminists.  Very very few raised their hands.  Fine.  I then asked each person to define what a feminist was.  We then read out and discussed those definitions.  Like defining cloud, they were all over the map.  We finally decided on a definition of feminist as someone who believes in equal rights for women and men.  Armed with this definition we polled ourselves again on what is a feminist.  The result?  Almost every hand was raised.

I believe it’s the same with cloud.

The fact is, cloud computing is used by everyone on the internet every day.  It is in fact the Internet itself – a group of remotely accessibly computing resources.

Glad we got that out of the way.

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